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Extra large Celestite Sphere (premium grade)


Measuring about 12cm wide

Weight 1462g

Origin: Madagascar

A gorgeous, extra large Celestite sphere is encrusted with baby blue sparkly crystals.

Celestite carries a serene and angelic energy. It helps us connect to our Inner Light and our Highest Guides. This high vibrational crystal encourages blissful communication  and expression. Typically works with the Crown, 3rd Eye and Throat Chakras.

Naisha Ahsian from The book of stones says: “Celestite…brings a smooth transition into meditation…assists one in opening higher senses to perceive intuitive information.”

Due to the weight of this crystal, there will be an additional postage charge for countries outside the UK.  This will be above the standard  shipping charge that you will see at the check out. We will contact you after your order has been placed to give you a quote. We will always try and get you the best shipping quote possible.


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