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Thank you so much for taking the time to visit the Colourful Dot Boutique. I hope you enjoy this site. This is a space designed with love for you to nurture your inner and outer beauty.

I have always been attracted to colours, textures, and smells. I have magical memories of myself as a young girl, picking rose petals from our garden, losing my self in the smell and the colour, putting the roses in bottles of water and trying to sell my potion outside our house. When I think back now, I can see how instinctively, how naturally I was drawn to the magic of these sensory rituals.

I soon found the perfect outlet for my love of beauty, working for 10 years as a make-up artist. As I developed more of an interest in crystals, meditation, and conscious living, my approach to my make-up work naturally evolved. I started to create sacred spaces for my clients, using crystals, essential oils, and meditation to help them nurture their inner beauty before the big event. As I looked deeper into crystals and beauty rituals, I discovered to my delight that crushed crystals were used in Ancient Egypt as sacred make-up mineral blends for living goddesses. People have recognised for a long time that nurturing beauty is not an exercise in vanity, but an essential process to keep you closer to the divine.

The idea of the Colourful Dot came to me as we travelled on a honeymoon trip around India. I was totally overwhelmed by the rainbow of colours, the smells of incense on every corner, the beautiful textiles and jewellery. I was really moved by how India has held onto this sacred knowledge, using beautiful objects, smells, and colours to keep people connected to that place of inner beauty. To celebrate this spirit, I started to collect the most beautiful things I found, in India and elsewhere. This collection is what you will find here at The Colourful Dot Boutique. Everything you find in this boutique has been carefully, intuitively chosen to inspire you, and to help you nourish that precious and sacred connection between inner and outer beauty.

With my heart firmly rooted in a desire to learn more about crystals, I trained at one of the leading Crystal and Energy Healing schools in London, qualifying as a Crystal and Energy healer (two year study).

All my love, Laurey.

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