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Dreamy Amethyst tea light holder


Medium to large Amethyst tea light holder.

Pieces measure about 9 to 14cm long.

Amethyst is known as the master healing stone’. It has been used throughout the ages, from Ancient Egypt, where it was used as a protection against self-deception, to Bishops, who have used it to symbolise humility and spiritual wisdom. The word Amethyst comes from the Greek meaning ’without drunkenness’, and this makes sense, as many people find it helps to clear a fuzzy mind, especially headaches.

The Colourful Dot tip: place this Amethyst candle holder next to the bath when bathing, add a few
drops of lavender essential oil to the water for a deeply relaxing bath.

Sold individually and are selected at random.

Due to the weight of this heavy piece, there might be an additional cost when buying two or more items in the uk.  For ‘world wide shipping’ there may also be additional cost  we will contact you before processing your order. Thank you.


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