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Premium grade small AAA Rainbow Moonstone


Pieces measure about about 1cm wide.

Small premium grade (AAA) tumble stones.

These are stunning pieces some with rainbow flash detail.

Rainbow Moonstone is perhaps one of the most beautiful crystals. When you move these stones around often you will see beautiful colors reflected back at you from beneath a pearly veil, including scintillating shades of blue and purple.

Moonstone has been used in Roman and Oriental jewellery for nearly two thousand years. In India the stone has a special significance for lovers, and is a traditional wedding gift there

This crystal embodies the energy of the Divine Feminine. It aligns us in harmony to our natural rhythms. It is a talisman of the inner journey, and is known to help us strengthen our connection to our intuition.

The Colourful Dot tip: If you are ever feeling overwhelmed, or out of sync with nature, lie down somewhere comfortable and hold a Rainbow Moonstone crystal before your eyes. Notice how its colours dance in the light. Let your mind gently settle.

Sold individually and with crystal info card.

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