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Light Amethyst heart with rainbow detail


Measuring about 4cm.

Beautiful light coloured Amethyst hearts. All come with rainbow detail.

The energy of these crystals is of a higher vibration than regular Amethyst, working particularly well with the higher chakras. It carries the protective and peaceful energy of an Amethyst but with the added magic of connecting you with your higher guides, helping you to work with a very high refined energy.

The natural rainbow dancing inside these hearts will have formed when the crystal was growing in the womb of Mother Earth & received some kind of knock or trauma. These rainbow crystals remind us that any knocks or setbacks we receive can, if we have the right perspective, help us grow the rainbow inside of our own hearts, so that we can share our beautiful light with others in the world… In the words of Maya Angelou, ‘Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.’
 Hearts are sold individually. Comes with canvas bag and crystal info card.

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