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Frankincense resin 25g



Premium grade frankincense resin comes with organic hessian bag & card.

This sacred, citrus, woody smell is sourced from the Arabian Peninsula. It connects us to ancient spiritual wisdom and our own inner divine. Perfect for deep relaxation, this Inner Beauty tool is a wonderful sleep aid, and also elevates our spirits in the morning. When the bark of the Frankincense tree is cut, magical, milky-white ‘pearls’ of resin seep out and eventually harden into the orange gum. Frankincense has actually been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years, and modern science has shown it has an active ingredient, boswellic acid which is a powerful anti-inflammatory and pain-relief tool.

Place a couple pieces of the resin onto a hot coal disk and let the beautiful aroma fill the air.

100% Natural & Organic

Product of Oman

Coal disks (pack of 10) sold separately here.

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