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As a young girl, I’d spend endless summer days picking rose petals from our garden to make bottles of rose water. I was instinctively drawn to these sensory rituals, and this love of beauty and ritual translated into my work as a make-up artist and then to collecting and creating tools and rituals to nourish Inner Beauty.
Here you’ll find The Colourful Dot Boutique, filled with the most magical, heart-opening tools I have discovered from around the world, such as crystals, jewellery, tarot cards, sacred incense, and oils. You can also explore The Colourful Dot blog, for mindful, heart-centered rituals to let your Inner Beauty flourish.


We all have that light in our hearts – an inner sense of beauty that awakens when we see a baby smile, when we smell a rose, hold a beautiful crystal, or hear a sacred sound.
I wrote the Inner Beauty Bible to help you stay connected to that light of Inner Beauty.
I know its not always easy to stay connected. Modern life pulls our attention in so many different directions.
I have shared in this book a series of accessible rituals based on ancient wisdom and modern-day psychology that will help you nurture that inner light that never goes out.

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